Adobe Dreamweaver (formerly Macromedia Dreamweaver) is the preferred web development and design tool for professionals. It can be extended for use editing pages beyond just web pages however by going to Edit>Preferences>File Types / Editors, and typing the extensions of other files in the "Open in code view:" box.

For instance you can open .cpp files, thus making use of Dreamweaver for editing remote C++ programs. This might be preferred for remote files instead of using Microsoft Visual Studio, whose FTP module is slower than Dreamweaver's.

Importing/Exporting Accounts

You export an account and import it on another computer with Dreamweaver, or use the export function to export site definitions. To import and export Dreamweaver settings:

  • If you have an older version of Dreamweaver, download the Site Import/Export extension.
  • Go to Files>Export>Export site. This will export that site to a .ste file.

You can highlight multiple sites, select the folder for the first site, and then just hit enter twice for each other site.


If you can't connect via FTP even though the host, username, and password are right, try checking 'Use passive FTP'.

If Dreamweaver keeps getting and then saving dependant files, go to Edit>Preferences>Site and check both 'Prompt on get/put' checkboxes. While saving a file, overwriting a dependant file might cause you problems, as it can overwrite files with versions you don't want.