Word 2007

In Word 2007, some useful features for adding attractive formatting features to a page are located under the Insert menu - SmartArt, which allows you to easily create graphics-oriented items such as lists, cycles, and processes, and QuickParts>Building Blocks Organizer, which allows you to set the overall format for a page to designs such as sideline, annual, and mod.

To view formatting marks (paragraph marks, tabs, page breaks, section breaks, etc.) click on the Ribbon and go to Word Options>Display>Show all formatting marks. You can also select individual marks to display.

To change the default view to Draft instead of Print Layout, click the Ribbon and select Word Options. Then go to Advanced, and all the way down to General, and check 'Allow opening a document in Draft view'. You may have to exit and restart Word. For existing documents, you may have to change the view to Draft, make a change, and save the document in order to have it open in Draft view in the future.

You can customize the automatic replace of certain strings with other strings under AutoCorrect options. To open the AutoCorrect options, go to Ribbon>Word Options>Proofing>AutoCorrect Options, or Format>AutoFormat>Options>AutoCorrect. In Word 2003, it is found under Tools>AutoCorrect Options.

To remove all hyperlinks in a document, highlight all by hitting CTRL+A and then press CTRL+SHIFT+F9.

Various ASCII characters can be typed by entering ALT along with their character code. Use the numeric keypad and make sure Num Lock is on. For instance the degree symbol (°) can be inserted by hitting ALT+0176.